Hello ! We made some patch for the server, here is the list of what have be done :

- Player level is fixed

- Nude character visual is fixed

- Max character of characters names fixed to 16

- The Flying crash is supposed to be fixed , It was tested and should be fixed. If not tell us on discord !

- Pet exp is reviewed -Piercing card is reviewed

- Board and Stick added in the Dior shop

- Gold and Silver battery is added to the Waforu red chips shop

- Penya rates changed to X320 , it was too low.

What you can expect in the next patch :

  1.  ADD OF WIKI is reported , because of the improved map system ,adding both the teleport new look, and the wiki is required, that's why it will take a little more time.
  2.  ADD OF TELEPORT NEW LOOK will be done at the next update.

Posted on February 20, 2021 by Datenshi

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