[Ashura-Flyff Rules]

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February 15, 2021 at 6:33 AM

1 / General

(1) The staff have the last word, there is no point in saying "That is not written". Unless special circumstance staff word are always true.

(2) Not knowing the rules doesn't give you any kind of shield against it. Read the rule to not get surprised later.

(3) If you feel like one of these rule have been violated, report immediatly to a present staff.

(4) When donation help a lot this is only if you want to do it.

(5) We will not take any action in case of any ingame fraud. Be vigilant !

(6) Any kind of usebug have to be immediatly reported in the right place (Discord/Forum) if someone is caught exploiting/sharing any kind of usebug he will be heavily punished.

2 / Punishment

(1) Punishment will always be on par with the gravity of the violation.

(2) What kind of punishment can you expect ? Mute/Kick/Ban be it Temporary or Permanent

(3) When you get a punishement do not cry to staff this will only make you loose both our time, and maybe get a worst punishment.

3 / CGU

(1) Every account on the server are property of Ashura.

(2) If needed we claim the right of using your account to check possible violation of rules.

4 / Community

(1) Do not be disrespectful nor toxic, be kind to everyone, and if you don't like someone block him, no need to go to war.

(2) Therefore, it is not allowed to harass, judge or threaten any other player. This rules work everywhere be it Discord/Forum or In Game.

(3) Sharing or linking any content that contains nsfw, violence, racism is prohibited. This rules work everywhere be it Discord/Forum or In Game.

5 / Staff

(1) Do not be disrespectful against staff whatever the reason, in the end you will loose. (If there is reason enough, contact Datenshi on Discord).

(2) Pretending to be Staff will lead to a direct Banishment no question asked.

(3) Asking staff for advantage is strictly prohibited, same goes if you personnaly know a staff and ask for advantage.

6 / Inter-server trading

(1) If someone is caught selling : Item/Penya/Account or whatever is it you are selling on another server, or in a third-party site he will be Ban without any Warning.

*That's all for the moment, if needed we claim the right to add more rules be sure to read them.

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